Sunday, June 4


Congratulations to the England football team on their win yesterday against Jamaica. I can't say I actually watched it, since I'm not really into football, but when World Cup fever starts to spread? The England flags flutter from the cars parked down the street and you hear the sound of cheering from a neighbour's TV as you enjoy the sun, and it's hard not to get excited for the home team.

And it's goal for me, too, because I've finished revising Haunted Hearts!


So I'll be sending that off to the New Writers Scheme this week and eagerly awaiting my report. What's also very cool is that it's only 2pm on Sunday so I have another four or five good hours of sun with the most burn-worthy time of the day over, in which to sit in my freshly-mown garden with a cold drink and the Katie Fforde book I'm reading. I know I said I was also going to work on brainstorming for my next book, but I'm so pleased to have finished revising that I'm going to enjoy the sun as my reward. And who knows, I may not be able to stop myself from scribbling anyway, so I'll take a notepad outside, too.


Phillipa said...

Jess - Good luck with the NWS submission and enjoy the Katie Fforde. Could you email me please? I notice uyou have my blog linked to yours and I want to do the same with yorus and some other M&P'ers but I just can't work out how!

Dominic Gagliardi said...

Go England! *probably waves the English flag* but ah, my heart truly belongs to Italiana and The United States. *waves both flags* I hope your country does well though. I wish all countries could advance past the first round, but such is life. (of course i really have no clue about the World Cup. I'm only following it because my mom's boyfriend is British.)

Nell Dixon said...

Congrats Jess, enjoy the break while you plan the next one.

Lis said...

Enjoy the sun :o) And congrats on finishing, that's great. Hope you have a nice break before starting something new!