Tuesday, June 20

Cover Girl

Today is a very cool today as the cover for the "Fall in Love" anthology has been released!

Isn't it bew-dee-ful?? I know the picture's not very big, but I just cannot work out how to enlarge it :/ If I can get a better version then I'll repost it. The cover was designed by Sheila Holloway, senior editor at Moonlit Romance.

I've got quite a bit further with my plans for The Guardians and since tomorrow is a Writing Wednesday, I'm hoping to get that all tied up ready for *actual* writing to begin. I have my characters' names chosen as well -- Annabel and Bo.

Will be watching the England game tonight with eagle eyes because, for the first time in my entire life, I have placed a bet on an event! Scary, I know, and very adult. I actually wanted to place a bet on the winner of Big Brother, but I found an offer where I got a free bet on BB if I placed a bet on a sporting event. So this way I've got two chances of winning some green. We'll see.


Nell Dixon said...

It's a gorgeous cover - not that I'm biased at all

Phillipa said...

It's beautiful Jess ..and to see your and Nell's name on it must make it all perfect.

John said...

Love the Blog Jessica. Pity about the England game, but I did warn you about gambling!!

The cover looks terrific and Maxim de Winter is the hero of every female everywhere!! You should see him played by Laurence Olivier. (Anne)

Lis said...

Great cover!