Friday, June 2

Whines, Wins, and Work

Try saying that quickly five times...

I think I've hit that lull that magically appears once you've been back at work for a bit after a holiday. You know the kind -- where you wish you could take off on a trip whenever you felt like it, with affording it and getting time off being completely insignificant factors.


(That was the "Whine".)

On to the "Win", and bestselling romance author Brenda Novak's auction in aid of diabetes research has now come to a close. I'm happy to say I won a bunch of cool stuff! It's even cooler to know that the money I'll be paying for my prizes will go towards finding a cure for diabetes. It was a shame in more ways than one that I lost out on the chance for a read of a proposal by a Silhouette editor. Maybe next year! In fact, speaking of next year, I'm already hoping that when the auction comes around again in May 2007, I might be in a position to donate something to be bid on -- I'm thinking... copy of the "Fall in Love" anthology in which Little Shop will appear, Cadbury's chocolate, Twinings/Whittard teabags... some kind of British theme.

And concluding with "Work" (or "Weekend"), my plans for Saturday and Sunday are to finally finish up my revision of HH so I can get it off to the New Writers Scheme, and to start brainstorming on the idea for my next book. Please wish me concentration and discipline, because it looks like it's going to be a nice, sunny weekend, and the thought of sitting in the garden with some pink lemonade and a selection from my T(o)B(e)R(ead) pile might get very tempting.

Just finished reading: Trading Secrets by Christine Flynn

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