Friday, July 28

Deck Construction Task: Check

And so the building of the deck is completed! Here's how it looks, with the boards and the slate edging all laid (and my mini finishing touch of solar lights):

The proper decorating is still to come -- namely staining the boards twice over, then adding all the pots and tubs and, of course, the patio furniture. I'll post another final picture once all that is done and it's looking really byoo-dee-ful.

In writerly news, I've pretty much completed the research I needed to do for my HH changes, so I'll start doing my revising in earnest in the next few days. I'm hoping it won't take too long, but who knows... I haven't read the book all the way through for quite a few months now and I might be underestimating the task ahead!

Just finished reading: Strange Bedpersons by Jenny Crusie

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Lis said...

The deck looks great! Love the slate and the solar lights. Very cool. what color are you planning on staining it?