Wednesday, July 5

You Can Go Your Own Way

...and my "writerly mind" did, for a while -- *way* out of the way. The cheek of it.

You see, following my NWS report I've made a list of the weak points in HH that need changing, all of which hinge almost completely on two major things:

1. A new reason why my couple originally split up (HH is a reunion romance).
2. A new reason why my heroine turns up at the hero's house at the start of the novel to do a paranormal investigation for him.

My brain has been refusing to work, which has been intensely frustrating -- I have even been reduced to searching Google for "reasons why couples break up". Desperate times, people!

But I think I'm getting there. I think that during today's Writing Wednesday I've seen a glimmer that could be the light at the end of the tunnel. Nina Simone, Fleetwood Mac (hence my title) and the ever-reliable Foo Fighters have been helping me. God bless 'em.

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Nell Dixon said...

Yay! Glad you've found the way!!!