Saturday, July 22

Eh...'s so sticky. And, yes, I know -- we're never happy. Moaning when it's too cold and wet, waiting for summer to arrive. Them moaning when it's too hot, hoping for thunder and rain every night.

We're having a deck built in our garden at the moment. Our neighbour, who is a builder, is doing it for us and it's going to look brill. Quite simple, without any balustrading or anything, but it's quite big (plenty of room for pots of flowers, which I shall be inheriting from my Mum when she moves to Spain at the end of the year) and will be edged with shingle and have a cut-off corner where you step down on to the garden path. I might try and post some before-and-after pictures.

In very good news, I have finally settled on an idea for the changes I wanted to make to HH. It's going to make my conflicts much more psychological, rather than being kind of circumstantial. Nell told me that the Mills & Boon workshop at the RNA Conference a couple of weeks ago placed much emphasis on "deep psychological stuff", so hopefully my new take on the story will point it in a better direction. Got some research to do today, then I'll start going through the MS and taking notes on what needs to come out, what needs to be changed, and what needs to be added.

Just finished reading: Marrying Max by Nell Dixon

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Lis said...

I know what you mean about the heat, we're having a week of record setting temps. Its horrid. I'm barricading myself in the basement today with the fan, hoping to stay semi cool.

The deck sounds lovely! Would love to see a picture of it when its all completed. Having room for flowers is a definite must! :o)