Wednesday, July 26

Garden Update

The deck is almost finished now. Here's how it looked on Sunday...

...when the frame had been built and bolted into the ground using posts and concrete. Membrane was laid down to stop the weeds getting through, then overlaid with sand to stop it blowing away. Note the clear path where there's no sand, running from the door to the lawn. This was so Little Missy, otherwise known as Popple the Jack Russell, could go in and out without getting sand all over her paws. But what did she do? Yes -- she ran all over the sand anyway.

At the moment, the deck looks like this:

We stained the frame on Monday evening, then yesterday the shingle was put in and our friend began to lay the boards. He's coming back this afternoon and hopes to have all of the boards fixed by tonight. Yeeshk, look how awful my lawn looks... This is what comes of a hosepipe ban when your turf is less than one year old!

We are also having a brick-built barbecue and so far, the concrete has been laid, which currently looks like this:

This is the shady part of the garden, which might explain why the lawn looks so much healthier.

Can't wait to start having barbie parties on the deck!

Just finished reading: Guarding Laura by Susan Vaughan

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Lis said...

Deck looks lovely as does the puppy *g* Nice spot for a bbq too!