Saturday, October 7

Departing for a Party

So I have a new web browser now, and it sometimes insists on showing me archived pages of sites instead of the latest, updated ones, so I'm not entirely sure whether the link to buy Haunted Hearts is now up. Keep checking at the Moonlit Romance website!

Yesterday I went to a wedding-dress sale with my sister, who is getting married next year, and my mum. The Sis tried on four different dresses and kept laughing every time she looked in the mirror because "she felt like she was playing dress-up"! She looked beautiful, though, and it's so amazing to get a glimpse of how she's really going to look on the Big Day next year :D :D

I tried on a bridesmaid dress, a strapless Cadbury-purple satin gown with boned bodice and diamantes on it. It was a little much but the cut of it was reeeeally nice. I like trying dresses on. We should all do it more. It's fortunate that next week we're going to a huge wedding fair at the Birmingham NEC. Changing rooms, here we come!

Bloke and I are going away today, to attend a launch party in celebration of the release of my friend Phillipa Ashley's new Little Black Dress book, Decent Exposure. Nell's going too, so I'm expecting to have great fun.

We're booked into a lovely hotel with a lake in its grounds, and then tomorrow we're going to another hotel to celebrate my looming birthday, although I don' t know which hotel this is and where. I will tell you next week!

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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time at the party this weekend and an early happy birthday :o)