Tuesday, October 10

My Author Event is TODAY!

All right, this is a little late notice (Blogger wouldn't let me in earlier...), but today is my Author Event Day on the Moonlit Romance Readers Loop. This is a two-hour event, starting at 6pm UK tie (1pm New York time) and will involve excerpts from both Haunted Hearts and The Little Shop of Dreams, as well as chats and three great contests!

It's quick and easy to join the group by clicking on the above link. I hope to see you there!


Pip said...

Hi Jess

Still no luck with my broadband and no phone now either so this is via a friend's pc. I took Falling In Love on holiday and really loved it. Relaxed in bed/on sofa and really chilled out in the surf and in one of my fave haunts - Oxford. hope the author event went well - I was in the lakes!

Jessica Raymond said...

It did go well, and thanks so much for your compliments on Fall in Love. Hope you had a lovely time in the Lake District. I really want to go there and the description in Decent Exposure is only making it worse! ;)

Jess x