Wednesday, October 25

New *Spooky* Contest!

‘Tis the season of Halloween, and to celebrate this auspicious time of spirits and spookiness, you could win two – yes, two! – signed books: one will be a hot-off-the-press copy of Haunted Hearts, by myself, and the other will be a copy of From Darkness: An Anthology, which features my good friend and critique partner Nell Dixon. Your prize parcel will also include pens, notepads, fridge magnets, bookmarks and some spooky candy!

Cue Me In, a novella by Nell Dixon, features in "From Darkness", a spooky anthology published by By Grace Publishing.

Fae Heath wants to be on TV, but not just in any show. She wants to become one of the presenters on Ghost UK, the leading show on supposed paranormal activity. With the reluctant help of her sister Izzy she intends to win the TV company’s competition to find a new presenter. Tall, slim, blonde and with a fabulous pair of kick-ass leather boots, how can she fail?

Haunted Hearts by Jessica Raymond is a romance novel with paranormal elements, published by Moonlit Romance.

When Beth Albright comes to Hoblington Grange to perform a paranormal investigation, she is blissfully unaware that her client is Sam Aston-Wilkes, her first love. In the gathering storm that greets her, the house she has come to examine seems almost alive, and the terrible pressure only grows when Sam reveals the heartbreaking truth about why he broke up with Beth. He seems determined to protect her by any means, even if he can't protect himself, yet she still just wants to solve his problems. Beth's doubts about whether she can fix the shattered heart of the man she never stopped loving begin to increase as the forces of the Grange, both past and present, close ranks to influence Sam and Beth's destiny. Will they make it through the storm, or, as those before them, will their love be doomed to fail?

To be in with a chance of winning this spooktacular prize, just answer the following question:

What kind of work does Beth do when she is not carrying out paranormal investigations? (Click here for a hint!)

Send your answer to, including the following details:






Plus, go to Nell’s site and answer her question to gain an extra entry into the contest. Contest closes on 25th November 2006 and worldwide entries are welcome.

Good luck – and Happy Halloween!


schmin said...

GREAT blurb. Great blurb. ;)
x x x
P.S. Can't wait for book. x

Jessica Raymond said...

Thanks, Schmin -- a fab, knowledgeable person gave me great training on how to write a blurb ;) ;)

I hope you enjoy Haunted Hearts!

Jess x