Thursday, October 5

Introducing Fergus the Cat

Isn't it lovely???

I got this late last night, right before I was about to log off my laptop and go to bed. I hereby introduce you to Fergus the cat, who you can see here on the cover for Haunted Hearts. He is a cute yet mysterious character in my book (out this Friday!), and I hope you all like him.

I've also got some news on a couple of events. I'll be holding an Author Day/Evening (depending on your time zone) on the Moonlit Romance Reader Loop next Tuesday, 10th October, from 6-8 pm UK time (1-3 pm EST). This is a Yahoo group you can join quickly and easily by clicking on the above link. This two-hour event will be filled with chat, questions, fun, excerpts, and a few lovely little contests. I hope to see you there!

The second event will be my release chat at the Moonlit Romance chatroom, to celebrate the publication of Haunted Hearts. This will take place on Tuesday 17th October, from 7-8 pm UK time (2-3 pm EST). Do come along to chat with me and some of the other Moonlit authors!

Just finished reading: The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury


liz fenwick said...

Love the cover! How exciting.

Phillipa said...

Jess - it's gorgeous - love the way Fergus is behind the veil.

Anonymous said...

Great cover! :O) You must be so excited!!

Cathie said...

Congrats on your release!! Love the cover. I have a cat sitting right next to me during the day while i'm on the laptop on the couch. Enjoyed the excerpt too on this at your site.
Cathie, a reader

Jessica Raymond said...

Liz -- Thanks! It was great to be on the monthly list :)

Pip -- I'm glad you like it. I love the veil as well, and the contrast of the darkness at the bottom and the sunlight bursting through.

Lis -- Thanks! It really is exciting; quite hard to describe!

Cathie -- Thank you for the congrats :) I don't have a cat, but I do have a dog (who can be seen on my website). She always thinks she's more important than my laptop and squeezes herself next to me while I'm writing, with her chin resting on the keyboard :) Glad you liked the excerpt. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book, too!

Jess x

Kate Allan said...

The cover is super. Congratulations!

Jessica Raymond said...

Thanks, Kate :)

Jess x