Saturday, October 21

Haunted Hearts is OUT!

Huzzah, what a joyous day! Haunted Hearts is now on release from Moonlit Romance! You can purchase a downloadable e-book copy in either PDF, HTML, or Mobipocket format, or you can order a print paperback. The link to purchase is here!

In other news, this weekend some of the Moonlit Romance authors are participating in a writing workshop. Why not join us? Here are the details:

Unique Enterprises Writers' Workshop

Unique Enterprises, parent company of By Grace Publishing and Moonlit Romance, is proud to present our Writers' Workshop interactive website. We will be offering workshops on writing
romance on a quarterly basis.

Our first workshop will start Friday, October 20, 2006, and will conclude on Sunday, October 22, 2006. Our topics for this inaugural workshop are self-editing, writing techniques and characterization.

The site of our workshop is Wet Paint websites are designed to be interactive websites, but you must be a registered user with Wet Paint. You may sign up to be a registered user by going to the website given above and click on "join this community" in the page toolbox located in the upper right part of the site.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the craft of writing, get your work before Unique Enterprises editors and network with other authors of romance.

Maybe I'll see you there? :)


Cathie said...

Jessica, congrats on the release!!! Just a beautiful cover! I have my cat sleeping right here on my feet while i'm chatting with you.

Cathie said...

I don't write but I'd love to chat with you at a chat soon!

Jessica Raymond said...

Thank you, Cathie! It really is a beautiful cover, isn't it? I love it :)

Any upcoming chats will be advertised here on my blog, so keep an eye out. I'd like to chat with you too!

Jess x

Zinnia said... the cover. Will go take a look at this one too. (There's been several intriguing releases on blogger today.)

Jessica Raymond said...

Thank you, Zinnia!

Just click on the cover in the right-hand sidebar to find out more about Haunted Hearts. There is also an excerpt on my website (link also on sidebar).

Jess x