Monday, February 12

The Brand New Jessica Raymond dot com!

At last, it is completed!

As you may know I have spent the last couple of weeks revamping my website. I picked a new design, customised it, shuffled my pages and added new ones, and have included bonus features and extra information. I had to wait on a couple of things before I could upload the new version of the site but it's now online for all to see. Just click here to visit.

I'd love to hear what you think of my new site, and especially the new information I've put on there, such as trivia facts about my books, more links, and greater detail in my writer biography. If you drop me a note through the Get in Touch section of the site, I'll enter you into a prize pool to win a PDF copy of one of my books -- you're free to choose which one! I'll leave this mini-contest open until the last day of the month: Wednesday 28th February.

Good luck, and happy surfing! :)


Sue aka MsCreativity :-) said...

Woohoo Jess, congratulations!! Your website looks great and I love the blurb for OST. :-)

Things are still a bit intermittent here. Hope to catch-up before the week is out.

Lots of love,
Sue :-)

Judy Jarvie said...

I really like it! Love the banner and the info's fab (you busy bee you!) Popple deserves even more coverage tho don't ya think? That dog is destined for great things.


Jessica Raymond said...

Thanks, Sue, glad you like it! Have got your email and am replying this afternoon :)

Thanks, Jude! The banner's cute, isn't it? My last one was bright red and orange hearts and I thought that might be a little too much! Popple is indeed a star and now she is famous!

Jess x