Monday, February 19

Plans in Place

My weekend was spent working wholly on my character sketches and plans for You Don't Know Jack. It was hard work at times (as writing can sometimes be) but my usual trick of leaving the laptop and going to have a bath worked a treat. This time the tub wasn't even half-full before I got the lightbulb moment I'd been waiting for! Luckily I had taken a notepad and pen into the room with me, just in case. I just have to flesh out a little bit more of Jack's family history and get another proofreading job done and then I'll be ready to start writing.

This morning I took my sister to a medical appointment. The waiting room had those horrid plasticky chairs and a general 1970's-Portakabin atmosphere -- why so depressing all the time?! Things looked up when I saw a "books for sale" corner, however, with all benefits going to the medical unit. I found two backlist books by Kate Hoffmann (one of my favourite romance authors) and two Mira thrillers from a few years back, so that made things better :)

Just finished reading: A Baby of Her Own by Brenda Novak


Sue aka MsCreativity :-) said...

Hi Jess,

How do you do that?! I mastered being able to read in the bath, but taking notes..? I can see the soggy paper now... LOL!

I've not heard/read Kate Hoffman - I'll keep my eyes open for her books in future.

Sue :-)

liz fenwick said...

Well done Jess. You'll be really keyed up for writing if you have everything the bath idea but like Sue worry about soggy paper :-)

Lis said...

You're so much more organized than me :o) Good luck with the story!

Jessica Raymond said...

Hi Sue and Liz -- Well, I was lucky because the inspiration struck before I'd actually got into the bath. I'm sure my note-taking would have resulted in soggy pages otherwise :)

Thanks for the luck, Lis!

Jess x