Tuesday, February 13

Three Pieces of News

Firstly, Haunted Hearts has received another wonderful review, this time from Janet at Once Upon a Romance. Among other things, Janet says:

Haunted Hearts is about closure and bringing peace to the dead and promise to the living. I liked the theme of friendly forces at the Grange pushing Beth and Sam together. I also liked that you never really know until well into the novel what broke the two lovers up. Beth and Sam’s story is told interwoven with the characters of the past. And yes, there is a villain, and I liked the way he got his comeuppance.The slow burning sexual tension between them keeps the story ticking along nicely ... I am a big fan of anything paranormal. Haunted Hearts is spooky and romantic and definitely worth reading.
The book scored a wonderful 4 out of 5! You can read the full review here.

Secondly, it's come to my notice (thanks, Mel!) that yesterday the Get in Touch feature of my website wasn't fully functional, and therefore those of you who may have wanted to enter my mini-contest couldn't get your comments through to me. I've taken a look at it and all now seems to be working, so you may want to head back over there and re-enter your comments for a place in the prize pool.

Thirdly, I'm also now aware that not only is Haunted Hearts featured in Fictionwise's 20%-off Valentine's Romance Promotion, but Fall in Love: An Anthology is too, which you can now purchase as a multiformat e-book download for $2.40 (instead of $3.00)! Click here to purchase Haunted Hearts, or here to purchase Fall in Love: An Anthology.


Phillipa said...

Congratulations on your review and your fab new site, Jess. Pip x

Jessica Raymond said...

Thanks, Pip :)

Jess x