Thursday, February 15

I Don't Know Jack... Yet.

I now have a title for my new WIP -- see my fresh new word-count meter to the right to see it! I came up with lots of different ideas for titles and this was one of my favourites, and after getting a second opinion I decided to settle on it.

I've got a rough plan of how I can see the storyline going but the direction of the plot will depend on who my characters turn out to be. At the moment they just have basic "skeleton" personalities, and therefore my next task is to start putting some flesh on their bones.

So I'll know Jack quite soon. Hopefully one day you will, too!


Judy Jarvie said...

Good luck with it Jess - oooh new projects are both exciting and scary. So many words to achieve but so much potential for a story to get the teeth into!

Hey glad about your cushion comfort - we need plenty of comfort where we can get it!

Jessica Raymond said...

Thanks Judy. Exciting and scary is exactly how I'd describe the start of a new project! Such a funny mix of feelings, isn't it?

Jess x