Tuesday, March 20

All Change

I haven't done any writing for the last week or so, due to a feeling-pretty-icky patch and a proofreading job. During this time I've thought a lot about You Don't Know Jack, my writing in general, and the kind of romances I love to read.

I've come to a conclusion.

As much as I was excited about YDKJ and enjoyed working on the first two chapters, the tone, style, and targeted subgenre (light chick-lit) were all ones I was unfamiliar with. I felt I had to struggle to write what I've done, as if I was forcing myself into a particular style. And as much as I like to read the kind of book that YDKJ would have been, if I am honest about it, it isn't my favourite romance sub-genre.

My favourite kinds of romances to read are home-and-hearth stories, romantic suspenses, and light sweet romances. That isn't to say that I don't like to read comedy romance, spicy romance, or historical romance, because I do, but the former list comprises my real favourites. If I slot what I've written already into subgenres, The Little Shop of Dreams is a sweet romance, Haunted Hearts is a romantic suspense (with light paranormal elements), and One Shore Thing is another sweet romance. Write what you love to read, right?

I think I went out of my comfort zone with YDKJ. I was thinking more about what I could write that would be good for my career, rather than what I could write that would just be good, full-stop. That pushed me off my path and got me confused, and that's why I struggled. YDKJ is a fun story with fun characters, but I don't think it's "me".

Instead, I have a new story brewing that's a lot more "me". I'm hoping to start exploring its possibilities further in the next week or two...

In other news, don't forget that I'm compiling a list of The Top 100 Favourite Romances and I want YOUR help! Click here for more details about the project and how you can contribute. I've decided to post a list every Friday of the current top five on the "leaderboard" -- there is a clear favourite already...

Just finished reading: The Devil Served Tortellini by Shirley Jump


liz fenwick said...

You are brave and insightful.......it takes guts to realize what you are writing really isn't you. Well done.

Jessica Raymond said...

:) Thanks, Liz. I'm glad I decided now, before I got any further with it. Maybe I can try tackling it again further down the road, but not for now.

Jess x

Phillipa said...

Jess-I agree with Liz. You are courageous and very self aware. You do have to write what you need to write (not that I know much). I spent a while at the start of my fiction foray, trying to cut out the humour/swearing/quirkiness in my books. What a disaster!

I envy you being able to write promantic suspense because I would love to be able to do that, but I know I couldn't.The library staff told me the other night that Romsus is HUGE with the younger women readers.