Thursday, March 8

The Story So Far... actually going well. I've almost at the end of chapter two, which means that if I complete it by Sunday, I will have got chapters one and two done within one week. This would bode very well for me making my Flump deadline, but unfortunately it doesn't really count because all of chapter one and the majority of chapter two were first written when I had the initial idea for You Don't Know Jack about three years ago. So all I've been doing this past week is ripping the two chapters apart, taking out old story/character elements, adding in new ones, editing my so-three-years-ago writing style, and generally revamping them according to the new storyline. From now on I'm actually writing fresh new words, so I imagine my progress will slow up a bit.

Thanks to everybody who left comments of encouragement and inspiration. I'm sure lots of writers manage to write a chapter a week, and I think a part of me knows I could do it if I work hard enough, but it still seems like a scary mountain to climb. I suppose all I can do is write and see...

Had a regular antenatal checkup today and all is absolutely tip-top with Flump. He/she was cartwheeling about while the doctor was feeling my stomach and tracking Flump's heartbeat, and even with all her years of experience the doc seemed surprised by just how active my progeny is.

Future sports superstar?


liz fenwick said...

Great news on the flump check :-)

It's Friday and over on Kate Harrison's blog we have a coffe break and discuss how the week has gone. I'm targeting 100k, some 60k and so on. One person is actually doing her first rewrite so we are a mixed bag writing all sorts things...and we're all really nice. I find the support great!! Come on and join us :-)

Nell Dixon said...

Can't wait to read c2. I may have something for you too soon as I've almost done the first chapter of BRH.

Lis said...

glad to hear the check up went well :o) and yay on the writing!

Julie Cohen said...

Jess, I am really impressed by your progress and your ambition. I will be cheering you on!

A chapter a week is doable, if you write every day. BUT as someone who very recently went through what you're going through (with two contracted books under deadline), I have to say do your best, which is bound to be amazing--but cut yourself some slack, too.

I, myself, wrote like crazy until about my eighth month, finishing one book and starting the next. But then, the final trimester hit me like a ton of bricks. It was hard enough to get up and remember how to get dressed, let alone write. My brain excluded all other thoughts but baby and chocolate.

This will probably not happen to you. But if it does, don't feel bad. You're doing at least two incredible things at the same time and deserve rest, head space, and all the junk telly you want.

(OTOH I started writing again 3 weeks after having the baby and am typing this whilst breastfeeding. It can be done!!)

Jessica Raymond said...

Thanks for the encouragement Liz, Nell, Lis, and Julie :)