Tuesday, September 26


Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the lovely messages I have received, both by blog comment, messageboard post, greeting card, email, and -- from my Bloke -- via the medium of flowers. :)

There have been many things to deal with in the last few days since my great news, and there are plenty more still to come. It's all quite exhausting at the moment, but it's good fun, too. I would love this to be my life!

My release date for Haunted Hearts is set for Friday 6th October 2006, and as before, when I have more information and links, they will pop up here on the blog ASAP. I've now created a page for HH on my website, complete with blurb and excerpt, so if you'd like to head over and take a peek, just click on the above title. Don't feel shy about telling me what you think of it, either!

I hope to have news of an author chat [with me, the author ;)] and contests very soon, so keep checking back. Also, this Thursday, 28th September, I shall be guest-blogging at the Pink Heart Society with my anthology-mates Nell and Rebecca Ruger on the subject of writing contests. Come along and have a chat with us!

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Phillipa said...


Ihave total internet crash at mo so did not know your good news (using a friend's pc). that is fanatstic and can't wait to celebrate with you next weekend, in person.

And to read your book of course!

p xx