Thursday, September 21

Just Another 8,000

I had a slow start to Writing Wednesday yesterday, but managed to pull myself together enough to get three more chapters of HH revised. I now only have two more (about 8,000 words) to do now, so I should definitely get it all done by the end of this weekend, as planned. You can hold me to that!

Did I mention how much I love Sam, the hero of HH? He was gorgeous before, but now, with all his brand new conflict and behaviour alterations... Sigh...

It's funny, too, but I've had this mental picture of Beth, the heroine, in my head ever since I first thought of HH three or four years ago now. She wasn't based on anybody in particular -- just a woman I could see in my mind. But now that Lost has graced our screens, I have realized that Evangeline Lilly (Kate) fits her description perfectly.

On to other things, and after making my regular daily trip over to Nell's blog, I have realized that it would be a good idea for me to provide a blurb for Fall in Love: An Anthology here in case you, kind reader, are thinking of buying it! So here it is:

September Song by Nell Dixon

Erin came to New Bay on her year out from college, keen to experience the lifestyle of a vibrant seaside town famous for its surf and its surfers. Attractive and fun-loving, Erin doesn’t expect to be left with a very expensive spare ticket to the hottest concert in town. Her boss Kelly’s solution is to recruit Dan to take the ticket off Erin’s hands and to escort her to the concert. Ex-champion surfer Dan soon accepts the offer. But why would Erin want to go on an enforced date with the geekiest looking guy in New Bay? And why doesn’t Dan surf?

Autumn Splendor by Rebecca Ruger

What happens when an artless little country miss meets an infamous rake from London? Folklore tells Isabelle Covington that the circumstance of their meeting means this man will be her mate. Christian Noble, the Earl of Somersby, presumes nothing more than a dalliance while visiting in the country. But something funny happened in the little hamlet of Sudbury and the earl finds himself beginning to believe what Isabelle and her legends are telling him... that this must be love.

The Little Shop of Dreams by ME!

Tess Worthington has finally achieved her dream of opening a gift shop in an Oxford shopping centre despite emotional struggles and debts, so when the handsome stranger she’s noticed around the mall asks her out, her happiness seems complete. Property consultant Mack Brady falls hard for Tess the more time they spend together, and after a magical Halloween celebration, he just knows she’s The One. But when the property deal Mack is brokering at the mall turns sour, Tess fears that not only has the man she’s just fallen in love with broken her heart, but he might also have taken her dreams—Little Shop and all.

I'd also like to say a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to everybody who has bought a copy of the anthology. Some of you have already told me what you thought of it, and... well... I'm kind of speechless. Thank you so much.

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Nell Dixon said...

Little shop of Dreams is a wonderful story! That's why I wouldn't stop nagging - I'm so happy people are agreeing with me. Haunted Hearts is fabulous too!