Sunday, September 3

What Kind of Writer am I?

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In other news, this afternoon I broke our lawnmower. I was getting increasingly annoyed with the height adjuster that would *not* stay where I wanted it (high) but kept dropping down to the last notch (lowest of the low). I haven't mowed the lawn for a while, since I've been letting it grow after all the deadeningly hot sun, so it was way too long to mow closely. And because the mower kept dropping to the lowest height, the blade was closer to the ground than the wheels, so the lazy little feature that makes the mower roll along by itself when you depress the handle didn't work. I was pushing and shoving manual-style and trying not to macerate the grass down to its roots, and so intent was I on getting the bloody thing to move that I did not notice the lead, and -- yes -- I mowed over it and sliced it in two. I'm sure there used to be an urban legend about somebody who electrocuted themselves by doing this, but thankfully it didn't happen, and thankfully we now have an extremely good reason to buy a new mower.
Just finished reading: Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak by Julie Cohen


Anonymous said...

ROFL I took the quiz and I'm a fluff writer!!!! gggggg
Nell, whose at work

Jessica Raymond said...

What do they say fluff is?? I was surprised to get plot as I always worry mine isn't strong enough!