Friday, September 22

Hiding Lights Under Bushels

Just had lunch with a friend at the noodle bar.

The waitress comes over with the chip-and-pin machine for my friend to pay for the meal while I put a tip on the tray. My friend says, "Don't worry, I've already put a tip on to the card receipt."

Me: "Oh, have you?"

My friend: "Yep, and besides, today's my treat."

Waitress (to me): "Oh, you're being treated?"

My friend: "Yes, she is. We're celebrating."

Waitress: "What's the occasion?"

Silence. My friend beams at me and puts her card back in her purse.

Me: (mumbling): "I, um... sort of... wrote a book* and it came out this week..."

Waitress: "Wow! That's definitely a cause for celebration, well done!"

*Okay, I know I didn't really write a book, just a novella, but it would be hard to explain that on the spot while you're leaving a restaurant.

You would think I would want to shout my achievement from the rooftops! I feel more able to do it online than in person, though, because when confronted with actually telling someone about it in person today, I completely clammed up and felt really shy. Is that normal?!

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