Monday, September 11

T minus 5 days

It's come around so quickly -- the "Fall in Love" anthology, which contains my winning novella, The Little Shop of Dreams, is released this coming Friday, September 15th! Hurrah! On the day itself I will post details on how you can buy a copy and provide links.

At the moment I am still in the middle of revising Haunted Hearts. Somehow life keeps getting in the way. But I would really love to get it all done by the end of this weekend, next at the latest. I am thinking of doing NaNoWriMo this year for my next idea, and the intention is that all of your planning is done by November 1st, at which point you start writing, so I would have a month and a half to get all my preparation done. Seems like a lot but all I have to go on so far is an opening scene and that's it! However, we all know how good I am at sticking to my plans, so maybe I'll start writing before November... :)

I am feeling very positive about where to target my writing now. In a previous post I talked about how I wasn't sure of the line I should be targeting, but thanks to a Q&A last week on, I am now very sure! When I first started seriously writing romances I always had the intention of going for Silhouette Sensation, known in the US as Silhouette Intimate Moments (SIM). A couple of months ago it was announced that SIM would be transforming into a new imprint called Silhouette Romantic Suspense (SRS), and I began to doubt that the new SRS line would be right for my ideas. But following the Q&A with Patience Smith, Associate Senior Editor, I am fairly certain that this is the line I should be targetting, since my new ideas fit it perfectly, and what's more, Patience says -- and I quote -- "we are actively looking for new blood to mesh with the established authors".

If you are interested in the new SRS line, you can read full guidelines here and see the complete transcript of Patience's Q&A here.

Just finished reading: Stitches in Time by Barbara Michaels


Lis said...

Enjoy your release week :)
Thanks for the links to the new SRS line, have to check them out. Have an old story that might fit.
Ah NaNoWriMo, still don't think I've fully recovered from last year's.

Nell Dixon said...

Yay! On finding your direction.

Phillipa said...

Congrats Jess.

I can manage NaNoWriYear!