Wednesday, October 26

Late Night Inspiration

And it's nothing salacious!

I've simply had a very successful writing night. After being roughly 1,000 words into C6 for the last few days, I popped on my iPod while the bloke was watching CSI, hoping to snatch maybe an hour of writing time. 3 hours later, it's now past midnight and I've finished the chapter. 4,549 words (check out the new running total across the page) and we're building up to the first kiss!

I am so excited, and I want to carry on, but I've got to go to sleep because I have work tomorrow!

And I thought today was going to be crap...


Nell Dixon said...

Yay! Can't wait. I'll crit it later. Thanks for mine, got them today. We're both going great guns at the moment.

Lis said...

That's wonderful progress!

Glad to see your word meter's finally working :o)