Wednesday, October 19

My Milestone

This afternoon I completed chapter five of my book. (By the way, I just want to let you know I feel quite pretentious when I say "my book".) As I think I mentioned previously, this is now the furthest I have ever managed to get! I also ran a total word count after I'd finished, and I've broken 20,000 words -- my official total progress so far is 20,075. So I feel like I've broken two barriers today.

It feels really good! But I'm not going to wallow in my pride too much -- in fact I will probably write the first couple of sentences of chapter six after I've finished this post, and will likely carry it on tomorrow. But for tonight, I'm having a mini-celebration. I bought myelf a 1lb box of chocolates (though I promise you -- I don't eat that much chocolate so they'll probably last me at least a month!) and am having a nice glass of whisky and coke. Then, later, I'll drool over Sawyer from 'Lost' for an hour.

It's fun to wallow, but what feels even better is that I'm kind of eager for the wallowing to end so I can get started on the next bit...


Lis said...

Hi Jess,
Congrats on your milestone! That's wonderful :o)

Here's the link for the word counters,
simply fill in the info, pick your color and copy and paste it into your blogger. The way I do mine is an easy search in my template for the word link, then go to my last link and paste it in after. If you want a title, just put that above where you post.

Lis said...

Hi Jess,

Very odd its stuck on 0. I tried redoing mine on the link and it comes up the same way. Probably a problem with zokutou's website. Give it a day and try again I guess.