Sunday, October 30

Rain and Contemplation

Though we've lived in the new house for just over two months now, today -- Sunday -- is my first full day at home on my own. You see, my sister was staying with us for a while until her property chain pulled itself together, and she moved out yesterday. Bloke's at work, so I'm at home with Popple, running the washing machine and tumble dryer, writing, listening to music, and watching the rain.

It's really coming down outside. From where I'm sitting I can see right out the French doors that lead into the back garden. The raindrops are falling down so hard that they're bouncing back off the path to the back gate. I also haven't mowed the lawn in a couple of weeks so it's a bit longer than normal and the wind's picking up, rippling the blades of grass every now and then. I feel cozy inside with my cup of tea and laptop.

Today I voted for Everlong by Foo Fighters on the Kerrang music channel's "select your song" thing. I love the song but have never seen the video. I rang up at about half past ten and they finally played it at two o'clock! I didn't like the video that much. I find the song quite emotional, but the video was kind of jokey, but not as good as some of their other funny videos, either (like Learn to Fly or Breakout). And talking of Everlong brings me on to my next post of the day...

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