Tuesday, October 4


And not the song by Boyzone.

Chapter three is finished, and I actually went over my original estimate, ending on just over 4,200! I was a very good girl and started chapter four straight away, and it currently stands at 2,250. I'm hoping I might finish it by this weekend.

There's a lot of sexual tension in this chapter so far. I'm not sure if it's too soon. Can you have too much sexual tension in a romance novel? I don't know, but knowing my luck you can, and I've overstepped the mark by about 1,500 shuddery breaths and skin prickles. I have to say though, I do love a romance with great sexual tension in it. Especially when they don't even kiss until, like, chapter 14! The build-up is so great. Diana Duncan's "Bulletproof Bride" has the characters kiss quite a bit before chapter 14, but the, er, "main event" doesn't happen until quite a long while after and it was great! Talk about feverishly turning the pages... I hope mine reads as good.

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