Thursday, January 4

Another Review for Haunted Hearts

I received a message this morning to notify me that the next review of Haunted Hearts is now available, this time from Fallen Angel Reviews. It's a lovely review and the book gained a rating of 4 angels! Here's a snippet:

Haunted Hearts is a romance of two lovers that must get past their obstacles to face their future. Good conversation with quick dialogue that keeps the story flowing smoothly, Beth and Sam are warm characters and make the story delightful. The way Beth thinks of how it will be once she leaves Hoblington Grange and Sam, had this reader feeling her sorrow. Ms. Raymond pens a fantastic story of the paranormal, making everything, even the investigation feel real and accurate with her knowledge of paranormal studies.

If you'd like to read the full review, you can do so here.

In other news, work on One Shore Thing is going well; I'm near the end of the first chapter and I really feel like I know the story and characters very well. I wonder if that's because the planning stage took me so long! I'm also toying with the idea of reworking a couple of stories I started and stopped -- something that might be successful for me, when I think about The Little Shop of Dreams...

A little Flump update -- I went back to midwife clinic on Tuesday and got to hear the little heartbeat!!! :) :) :) All my books are saying that movement can be felt from this week onwards, so I'd love to hear about when everybody felt the first movements of their first baby if you feel like sharing.

Just finished reading: Married in a Rush by Julie Cohen


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on those angels!
Nell - blogger won't let me sign in again!

Anonymous said...

Jess - well done and great news on the review.

I'm 19 weeks and felt the movements first at 16 weeks (I didn't expect it that quick as I'd read it can take up to wk 20 or more when it's your first!) At first it was irregular (and felt like tiny touches like a goldfish!!) Three weeks later and it's happening more and a bit stronger - even at 4am if I wake up.

I'm sure it'll be soon and you'll be smiling every time like me. It's like a secret signal between you and Flump. It's just started to move in response to slight pressure on my tum now. All the best - get lots of rest.
jude x

Anonymous said...

YAYY on the review! :-)

I used to be a stick insect before I had my first baby (and when I had my 2nd), and I'm convinced I felt the first movement at 14 wks (like a fluttering). You're in for a magical time, and that heartbeat's so miraculous and exciting to hear, isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

Yay on all the great reviews :o)

And how exciting to hear the heartbeat!

Jessica Raymond said...

Thanks Nell!

Hi Judy -- How great that you've felt yours already! I think waiting for the movements is one of the most exciting things :) I'll post again when I think I've felt any!

Hi Sue -- 14 weeks, wow! The heartbeat was so strange: not too loud and not as superfast as I was expecting either (but still faster than mine).

Thanks Lis!