Wednesday, January 10

Flump Likes to Move It, Move It

Yep, we have movement :)

It started about a week ago but to begin with I couldn't be sure whether it was baby ballet or just my dinner being digested. But it's pretty clear now because I feel it on and off throughout the day, especially when I'm lying in bed, and the nudges are most definitely not normal stomach stuff.

Yesterday my sister and I went to a bridal shop so I could be measured up for my bridesmaid dress. Because she's getting married in autumn and Flump is due in mid-June, they had to measure me first -- now -- before I get any bigger. We found a dress, too, which I wasn't expecting! It was a fun session. We got rained on our way to the shop, so they made us a cup of tea and then we got to pick out stuff for me to try on from a rack of 70 dresses. Then, while my sister sat on a nice little sofa, I came out in each dress and the lady pinned it to fit me. The actual dress we've picked is really glam -- the first thing I thought when I saw myself in a mirror was: "It looks like an Oscar dress!"

Writing-wise, today I plan on finishing chapter two of One Shore Thing and then I have loads of filing to sort out. The other night I made four pages of notes on the other idea I'm considering re-working, and I think that once OST is finished I will be working on that idea. Better start thinking of a name, because at the moment I just refer to it by the hero and heroine's names.


Anonymous said...

Gosh Jess you made me remember how exciting that movement is! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Jess - so pleased for you and Flump. Ahh it'll be four a.m. Riverdance soon you just wait!!! If this post appears twice - then it's the blogger gremlins playing cruel tricks by losing my earlier post (gggrrr). Good luck with your scan *exciting* Jude

Phillipa said...

Awww...lovely to feel those first flutters. P xx