Friday, January 19

"A Breath of Fresh Air in the Romance Industry..."

A wonderful compliment, no? :) Well, I'm thrilled to tell you it's just one of the sentences included in a fresh new review of "Fall in Love: An Anthology", pertaining specifically to my novella The Little Shop of Dreams!

This review is from Robyn Roberts at Once Upon a Romance. The anthology scored a 4 out of 5 overall and The Little Shop of Dreams achieved an individual score of 4.25. To read the review in its entirety, just click here.

Just finished reading: Echo Park by Michael Connelly


Anonymous said...

Awsome. You are going from strength to strength!!

Anonymous said...

Jess - that is one fantastic review. Be very excited - you deserve it! Hope you and Flump doing well - Jx

Anonymous said...

Hugs! You know I love that story and one shore thing is even better!

Phillipa said...

Well done Jess. What a great review. P x

Laura Hamby said...

Awesome news, Jess. Send me a link, so I can brag about you on the UE blog. :D


Jessica Raymond said...

Thanks all!

I love reviews... Sigh... :)

Jess x