Thursday, January 25

Snowfall and a Sneak Peek

Yesterday we finally had some snow! A good few centimetres of it, but it didn't hang around for long. Within two hours of me getting up in the morning it had turned to slush and, apart from a few little patches beneath hedges, it had virtually disappeared by mid-afternoon. Still, it was pretty :) Here's what it looked like (note the Popple paw-prints to the left of the picture):

My proofreading job is now finished and packed off back to the publisher, so I'm free to return to writing the last chapter of One Shore Thing. Once I have that out of the way, and my closing revisions done ready to send the novella off to Moonlit, I'd like to get my website updated. I want to add more information -- trivia pages for my books, for example, like the songs I listened to while writing, my inspirations, fun facts, etc. I've also got review snippets to add for each book now, and I'm thinking of including an advice page with information and links for aspiring writers. I may also give the basic design/artwork of the site a bit of a revamp. If you have any thoughts about my current website, or ideas for new things you'd like to see on it, please let me know. It would be very helpful!

So... the sneak peek. Today is our second ultrasound scan of Flump, and we're really looking forward to it. We're not going to ask about gender, but we've decided that if we think we can tell from looking at the screen, we'd rather know for sure than be under an assumption. We've also come up with a little list of names, and some of them are so CUTE. It was strange to finally use my baby-name book, which I've had for about five years, for actual baby names rather than for character names!


Judy Jarvie said...

Ooooh Jess - v exciting. Great plan about Flump - since declining to know a million and one people have decided to express an opinion on the scan pics each one professing to be the Yoda of baby gender (grrr - this kinda feels worse than asking outright!)

Hope it went well. Hope you were in awe - hope you loved seeing him/or her to bits! Ahhh - such a squidgy moment. Enjoy, enjoy! Judy x

Nell Dixon said...

Hope everything went well and you got great pics. I loved choosing names - sigh.

Lis said...

Very exciting day for you! Hope it went well :o)
And loved the picture you posted, we have the same flower pots lol :o)

Jessica Raymond said...

Thanks Judy, Nell and Lis! It went very well (see latest post) and we got some more great pics :)

Jess x