Sunday, January 28

Not Very Well-Rested

Ugh. I had a rubbish night's sleep. My lower back was twingeing and aching on and off yesterday and for the whole of last night I could not get comfortable. I tried lying on my side, on the other side, legs up, legs down, pillows here, pillows there and nothing worked. It felt like my lower back and hips were somehow out of line with each other and needed a really good cracking, which I couldn't do.

I lay awake between 4 and 5 a.m. this morning feeling like I wanted to cry and contemplating getting up because the whole thing was hopeless. Sigh. Thankfully I managed to get to sleep after that but it wasn't a very deep sleep because I kept waking up and fidgeting. Then I got too hot and opened the window, only to make the dog bark because she could hear an owl hooting outside.

I didn't want to "treat" myself to lots of maternity buys which weren't really necessary, but I am seriously considering getting one of those body-length bump-bolster pillows to see if it helps.

Any tips or advice would be very welcome!!

So, the plan for today is to finish up the final chapter of One Shore Thing. I have another proofreading job lined up, which I want to start on Monday. If I can have OST all done then it can sit untouched while I do my proofreading, and I can return to it with a fresh focus later in the week to make my final revisions.

Also, please note that my website is currently under re-construction for a little while. I'm revamping the design and adding some extra content. I think it looks really good so far. I'll let you know when it's back online.

Just finished reading: Virtually Perfect by Samantha Hunter


Judy Jarvie said...

Jess - we're turning into pregnancy penpals...but I just had to say yep sleep problems is a biggie for me too...and (apparently) it gets worse from here on in! Ugh! I didn't buy the full body pillow thing (though they do look incredibly puffsome and splendid - I feared I'd suffocate dh in the night with it) but I can recommend a wee wedge shaped support from Babies R Us. Looks like a triange of cheese you slip under your tum. Costs ten pounds - but great for slipping under Flump to aid slumbers. Go on treat yourself. jx

Jessica Raymond said...

Thanks, Judy -- it's so nice to know that someone else is feeling the same! :) I had a leaf through my Mothercare catalogue last night and they have the cheese-wedge-shaped pillow in there for £10. Seeing as it's cheaper than the massive one (and presumably leaves more room in the bed!) I think I might go and get one.

Thanks for the help!

Jess x

Julie Cohen said...

I just put a normal pillow between my legs and under the bump. You've probably tried that though.

You've got 20 more weeks to go so maternity buys are not a treat but a necessity!

Lavendar oil on your pillow or on your wrist can really help you get to sleep at night. And don't forget Horlick's, full of good stuff for baby!

Jessica Raymond said...

Hi Julie!

Yep, I tried that one :) For some reason a pillow between my knees made my hips ache even more. Maybe I'm not quite big enough yet...

Lavender oil's a great tip, thanks. I'll try that; I have some in the cupboard. As for Horlicks, I would love to drink some but unfortunately a wheat/gluten intolerance means I am not allowed :( I've found a store-brand imitation that is safe for me, but it doesn't taste anything like the King of Malted Hot Drinks...

Jess x