Friday, January 5

Going Swimmingly

An appropriate title for this post, don't you think, considering that my current novella has a beach theme? I've been working on One Shore Thing today and it's going well. I'm now halfway through the second chapter.

I'm still not sure which book I'm going to go on to once OST is done. There's always Truck of Luck, which I'm excited about starting, but I'm also thinking about reworking those two other stories from a couple of years back. I already know which publisher I'd like to submit them to, so it will be a case of looking again at my plotlines for each and seeing if they still work. I imagine they'll probably need a bit of revamping because I've learned so much about writing in the last couple of years.


Anonymous said...

It could be tremendous fun to go back and rework them.......but the idea frightens the life out of me :)


Jessica Raymond said...

Ordinary it would frighten me too, Liz, but both ideas never got further than chapter two, so the job wouldn't be so bad!

Jess x