Monday, January 15

Good Vibrations

And so another week kicks off! My plans are to get chapter three of OST written (and the final chapter -- four -- written too, if I can) and get some more work done on the ideas for my next book. I still don't have a title to use for that yet, so I need to do think about that as well.

I've signed up to an online workshop with Earthly Charms, which starts today. Run by multi-published romance author Bella Andre, it's all about Feng Shui for writers. I think it will be an interesting workshop to take part in and hopefully it will also prove helpful for me since I'm now working in my own environment at home!

This week I'm also due to have an article published in the glossy magazine that comes with my local newspaper. It's a short piece on how to get started with writing and I'm really looking forward to seeing it in print. Hopefully there will be an online link to the article, too, in which case I'll post it on here for anybody who is interested in reading it.

Just finished reading: Hiding from the Light by Barbara Erskine


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the workshop - intriguing concept.

Look forward to seeing the link - finger crossed!

Jessica Raymond said...

The workshop's definitely been interesting. As for the article, the newspaper site is currently being reformatted. As soon as it's up I'll post the link.

Jess x